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From Russia With Love

In 2012, I spent two and a half months living in Russia. More specifically in Moscow, and if we’re being really precise, in a little suburb called Ulitsa 1905 Goda. We all harbour travel dreams. Having fallen in love withRead more




All agency meeting. Exciting updates!
/ Parents Tattoo Their Legs With Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel D...

A brilliant win for the Saatchi Quiz team last night and a windfall £50 for trolley time this afternoon! For applications to the team, post your ans...

Nothing is Impossible!

On Saturday, our new Head of Strategy, Alix, was determined to live up to the Saatchi Health mantra by completing her first ever Tough Mudder to raise money for charity. For the uninitiated, a Tough Mudder consists of 12 milesRead more

Squeaky boobs

Last Sunday Caroline, Sam, Raakhee and I donned inflatable boob outfits and ran 13.1 miles around Bath for Coppafeel!. As you would have been able to tell from our previous Saatchi Heart blog post we are not athletes, for theRead more

Moobs for boobs

For a company who feel so passionately about the communication of health and wellbeing, the quickest you’ll see us move in a day is when a young man appears at 3.30pm with the holla of “Trolley tiiiime!!”, heralding the arrivalRead more